Brief introduction about IES


Brief introduction about IES

The INSTITUTE FOR EUROPEAN STUDIES (IES) was established in 1993 by Decision No. 466/TTg dated September 13, 1993 of the Vietnamese Prime Minister with its first name as the Centre for CIS and Eastern European Studies (CCEES). Over the years, responding to changes in Europe and research demand in Vietnam, CCEES expanded its research fields to cover both Western and Eastern European countries and was renamed as Centre for European Studies (CES) in 1998. After a long period of development with remarkable academic achievements, the Vietnamese Government, once again, decided to upgraded CES into the Institute for European Studies since 2005 and IES is now a prestigious research organization under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences with scholars working on all areas of Europe and Europeans countries.

IES stands out as Vietnam’s only research institute focusing on European issues and to sustain this reputation, IES invests considerable efforts in research and innovation as part of an ongoing mission to advance national knowledge about Europe. The goals of the Institute for European Studies are as follows:

o   Carry out research on contemporary Europe, European countries, the European Union, its role in the world and Vietnam – Europe Relations as requested by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and Vietnamese Government.

o   Encourage graduate and post-graduate level teaching and learning opportunities in European Studies at IES and in Vietnam in general

o   Facilitate and enhance research with respect to Europe on the part of Vietnamese scholars and all people interested in European studies

o   Collect, process and provide information about Europe and its increasing economic, cultural and political importance to interested individuals and organizations. Research information can be provided via the European Studies Review, the website of the IES and other seminars, workshops, conferences.

o   Promote research and development (R&D) so as to link research results with practical demand of the society and improve socio-economic efficiency of research activities.

o   Establish and develop close relations with grass-root level communities and business sector and, upon their request, provide them with services of market survey and business intelligence.  

The IES so far has reached outstanding achievements in capacity building, human resource strengthening. IES is considered as one of the best state organisation that reinforce close relations and mutual understanding between Vietnam and European countries.