Main tasks of IES


Main tasks of IES


Institute for European Sudies is a national research institution under the administration of Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences. The Institute has its main tasks as following: 

o   Submitting proposals of five-year and annual strategies and plans to President of Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences and carrying out after being approved;

o   Conducting research on the field of social sciences relating to countries and organisations in Europe;

o   Carrying out research on theoretical issues and practice in European countries as well as the formulation and development of European integration;

o   Combining research and training in the field of European Studies;

o   Evaluating or participating in the evaluation of social-economic development projects and programmes carried out in other ministries and at the grass-root level, assigned by the Academy of Social Sciences, and providing scientific consultation in consistence with the Institute’s tasks and functions;

o   Establishing international relations in research and training, in consistence with current regulation; 

o   Exchanging scientific information with domestic and foreign institutions, publishing scientific work, disseminating research results and diffusing scientific knowledge to the public;

o   signing and carrying out research contract with organisations, research institutions and researchers, both in Vietnam and abroad;

o   Managing the Institute’s institutional structure, human resource, property and budget, within its functions.

 The Institute has: 08 research departments and centres, 01 library, 02 General-Director assisting departments, and 01 scientific board. In addition, the Institute has also a bi-monthly scientific magazine- the European Studies Review, which published research results relating to European studies for interested scholars.